Daniel Stampfel

Daniel Stampfel is an Executive Director at JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.and has over 24 years of corporate banking experience.  He has been dedicated to the music communities of Dallas and New York for over 30 years as a singer, songwriter, saxophonist, and guitarist. Stampfel was the founding member and songwriter of the bands:  The Skastarians, The Inevitable Breakups, and At The Moment.  He appeared on Late Night with Conan O’Brien with the Skastafarians as the winner of their 10th Annual Best College Band Search.  Stampfel enjoys collaborating with other musicians and has appeared on recordings for Screamin’ Rebel Angels, Marco With Love, Brett Boyett, Aurelio Valle, Tremolo Bones, and The Cosmetics.  Stampfel has a BBA from Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX.  

He currently resides in the Historic District of McKinney, TX with his wife and son.  He enjoys being active in the local community with his family.

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