I’m new around here, but so far, I like what I see…

Boy, have the past four weeks been full.  Full of new faces, new office procedures, new events to plan and new practices to learn: what a  whirlwind it can be to start a new job!  But I have had an increasing sense of satisfaction since I began my work here at Fine Arts Chamber Players.  In my first month I have encountered business practices above reproach, committed volunteers, a hard-working set of staff, and board members who inspire me to give them my best.  I am looking forward to the next few years as we continue in FACP’s mission to provide quality musical experience to the public!

What makes me look forward to the future ths most is seeing this mission set in motion.  This past Sunday, at the inaugural concert of our annual Basically Beethoven Festival, this FACP mission was active at the City Performance Hall in the Dallas Arts District.  Seeing it firsthand made all the difference.

Around 2 o’clock, 500+ folks of various backgrounds and ages flocked to the venue, excited to hear the delights of local musical talents such as tenor Nicholas Garza and ensemble Imperial Brass.  Before curtain, concert-goers milled about, engaged in conversation and enjoyed the casual atmosphere the summer day provided.  During the performance, attendees freely applauded and laughed between pieces.  Afterwards, patrons chatted energetically, submitted donations and offered their thoughts on the music, positive and negative, to our board and staff.

What an authentic, engaging and exciting atmosphere this was for a concert!  I felt such a sense of gratitude for my new job as I saw patrons interact with the presented music.  They were thinking critically about what they saw and sharing smiles throughout their classical experience.

I believe this atmosphere is achieve, because at the heart of Fine Arts Chamber Players is the belief that music is vital to life and that it can be available to every human being.  All are welcome to experience the gift of music, and we believe through thtat experience citizens are inspired, a sense of community is achieved, and lives can be changed.

So…my first four weeks, though hectic, have had this huge reward waiting for me at the end:  the sense of excitement I gained from the July 7th concert of the Basically Beethoven Festival.

But wait – there are three more BBF concerts to come!  So…maybe I’ll see you there?  Please come by and say hello!  Let’s hear some good music together and see what kind of change music can have in our lives and in this city.

Fine Arts Chamber Players