New Year. New Logo. Same Mission.

Fine Arts Chamber Players has launched a new logo, marking the most significant change in its visual identity since its formation in 1981. The updated design is bold, modern, and eye-catching. Most importantly, the FACP mission and programs are not changing. FACP continues to provide free, professional, classical music concerts, and free music education programs.

“Our previous logos served us well in communicating that we are steeped in classical music,” FACP Executive Director Rachel Assi explained. “However, our influences reach far beyond one composer or one era of music. We feel our logo should be as unique as our programs. After nearly 40 years, FACP is still the only professional chamber music group in Dallas providing all of its programs for free.”

“When we started out,” Co-founder and Artistic Director Rogene Russell explained, “our initial programs were our free, professional classical music concerts. Now, our music education programs are a vibrant part of what we do in the community. This new logo is more representative of what we do.”

Looking at the new logo, musical influences are clear: the “F” is a forte notation and resembles a string instrument’s f-hole, a quarter note is nestled in the negative space of the “A,” the “C” and “P” meld to form a stringed instrument, and the tail of the “P” completes the “f-hole” structure. FACP worked with Celeste Rader-Philips at Rader-Philips Design on the new logo.

Members of the media, arts organizations, and community partners should contact Communications Manager Emily Guthrie at for an image file of the logo.

Fine Arts Chamber Players